Team Arky

25 Feb 2021

House-to-House participant Joy has never stayed at a Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) New Zealand program but she was blown away by the ‘home-away-from-home’ provided to her friends, the Loveridge's.  

When Arky Loveridge was born prematurely in 2019 and diagnosed with CHARGE Syndrome, the Loveridge’s stayed at the Ronald McDonald House® Auckland program. Erin, Arky’s Mum took her friend Joy on a virtual tour she thought, “What an amazing facility! They even have people in the house to entertain Ruby (Arky’s sister).” 

While Arky was receiving treatment in Auckland, Joy wanted to help but felt there wasn’t a lot she could do from Morrinsville.

We got on Google to find a way we could help. When we came across House to House in December we knew we could come together and raise funds to support the place that was looking after our friends.”

In 2020, Joy and her friends rallied to build a team called “Doing it for Arky” even coming up with a hashtag! Erin was able to join the team and help the people who were helping her family. Team Arky was made up of 8 friends. Together they raised $3,833, which covers 95 nights ($140) accommodation for the Loveridge's.

Signing up as a team made it easy, as every team member had a network of friends to help fundraise for RMHC New Zealand. Joy made her supporters know just how simple it was.

I kept saying to people if every person gave $5 we would easily raise $210, you can give up the morning coffee.”

The Loveridges are so grateful to her friends for “Doing it for Arky.” Erin says that she and Joy believe it’s about raising awareness for RMHC New Zealand. The most important part for Erin and her family was the stability of staying only a stone’s throw away from little Arky.  You never know when you might need a ‘home-away-from-home’ when your child is in hospital.

Team Arky are back again for 2021 to support the Loveridge’s, making a difference the way they know best during Arky’s long medical journey. Joy would encourage everyone to sign up, she says, “It is cheesy but it’s for Kids of the future, we need to look after them”.