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Rhianna Lee Truman

In 2013 Rhianna had a check up with a doctor to discover why she had a small lump on her leg was. The doctors confirmed that Rhianna had a rare bone cancer called Adamantinoma. Rhianna struggled with this revelation as did our whole family. 

Through out the years Rhianna fought her sickness with strength and courage, and maintaining a deep compassion for others despite what she was dealing with. 

With the help of Ronald McDonald House we as a family were supported to accompany Rhianna during her visits to Wellington and Auckland hospital to receive treatment. And each time was given the all clear that all the cancer had been dealt to, time and time again. 

In 2017 despite advice from many medical professionals Rhianna gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Daeshaun who gave her a new lease on life. He was her saving grace. Rhianna and Daeshaun lived a beautiful four years together before Rhianna unfortunately passed away in December 2020.

We are doing this for Daeshaun, for Rhianna and for all of the other children who would otherwise be lost and without their family while dealing with the horrors that the world sometimes deals to our youngest most vulnerable people. 

Thank you for taking the time to read Rhianna's very brief story. Please consider helping us to help others. 

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Love from the Wheely Fun Gang xx 

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