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I've created this page because I want to make a difference.

Every year, thousands of families from around New Zealand will turn to a Ronald McDonald House for free accommodation and support during their child’s medical treatment.

I want to make a difference for these families by taking part in the House to House challenge!

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button.

The more people that know about RMHC® New Zealand, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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Final update - grab a coffee it's more a novel than a summary

Sunday 21st Mar
Thank you to everyone for all your messages of support and congratulations on Facebook and Strava, as well as the massive sponsorship which the team are truly thankful for 💕 

Yesterday was absolutely the maddest thing I've ever done, and I'm quite amazed that both physically and mentally I held up really well. Had been watching a lot of YouTube videos from ultra endurance athletes and the common thread was "you will suffer", but more importantly telling you to stay in the moment and you'll have good times, also some not so good times, but they will improve again. Trying to not think about the end target (which I understood as at times 300kms seemed like a very long way away). So I was thrilled to come through the entire ride with a small amount of body fatigue and tired from lack of sleep. 

Adrian, Glynis, Penny, Rob and myself set off from Paraparaumu station on the Northern Explorer Friday morning - that was a terrific journey in itself as was a very comfortable train, stunning and changing landscape. Disembarked at National Park station and was transferred with bikes to the hotel in the Whakapapa Village. Reattached our pedals and readjusted the handle bars (due to train baggage requirements) and then sorted all our kit for the morning ensuring everything would be easily accessible throughout the day. Garry our awesome support driver arrived shortly after us and Rob discovered he had a delaminated tyre (more about that later) when checking his bike out. Paul (our 6th) team member joined us around dinner time and we had an early meal and headed off to our respective rooms for sleep and rest.

Struggled to sleep from about midnight having had random dreams, so at about 2:30am gave up and stayed awake (the alarm was set for 4am). Coffees with the date and walnut cake for breakfast lol, the one thing we did know was today would be all about calories - getting as many carbs and fuel we could eat throughout the entire day! Dressed in as many thermals as possible it was a very fresh zero degrees outside 🥶. The team (minus Paul who set out earlier to get to the top of Mt Bruce first) all met at 5am and by 5:15am we were on our way, a quick stop for me to put my rear light on properly and start my Garmin bike computer as had forgotten. I had a lovely surprise from my cousin who arrived to cheer us on at the bottom of the mountain hill from Whakapapa - she would have had a very early start to get there for 5am, how special was that 💕

Riding in the pitch black on your bike is a massive sensory experience, when looking behind you it's completely dark - but it was a beautiful starry sky - the first 50kms was a huge downhill to Ohukune, but was amazing fun, however the speed contributed to the freezing cold, and my fingers (even with gloves) were stiff and I could barely feel them - given I needed them for gear changes I was trying to warm up one hand at a time under my armpits, sooo sooo bitterly cold. Stopped a couple of times on route to regroup (mostly around the uphill hilly bits) and you could hear the Ruru and trickling streams which was fabulous 😃 Paul caught us up which was fantastic going and he was with us heading into our first loo stop at Ohukune (I added another layer on too). As we were leaving, sunrise was nearly up and we could start seeing our landscape. Onwards to Waiouru for our first stop and a feed - hot dog and chips, plus a toasty hot chocolate 😋 Next cafe stop would be Hunterville (taking us half way). 

Before Hunterville I had my first mechanical with a back tyre that split and I had a rush of air on my legs and sealant everywhere (including on Paul who was on my wheel), pulled up at Flat Hills and needed a complete brand new tyre replacement. Penny had to chase Rob down as he hadn't realised we had stopped. Coincidentally Steve had joined us at Flat Hills having caught the bus from Kapiti to join us for the ride home, you're a legend Steve! So we carried on but I heard a new noise from my back wheel, however I couldn't spot the problem so carried on.

We stopped at Hunterville and I had a change of clothes and finally found my donut that I'd been fixated on, followed by another hot chocolate and an egg and spinach sandwich. Checked my back wheel but still couldn't find where the noise was coming from. Leaving Hunterville we had a cheer squad from the side of the road and it was one of cycling buddies Anouk from Kapiti, she had been following our live map and pulled over to cheer us on! Eventually the noise got so bad I pulled over taking the wheel off. Discovered my brand new tyre had delaminated grrrrr (outer rubber separates from the inner carcass) - so needed a repair! I carried on though as couldn't do a lot at that point but was a bit nerve wracking to think it may have gone bang at any point 😳 Finally got to Bulls and grabbed my earlier spilt tyre - cleaning out all the sealant and put in an inner tube - didn't seem to be any bulge through the tyre so off we went! Next big stop Levin !

Had a very creepy bridge path to cross over the Manawatu River, was high and the cross wind was off-putting so just held onto the handlebars holding the core to keep control and balance but was relieved to get to the other side. At this point we deviated a bit to take quiet back country roads all the way to just north of Levin just before Waiterere Beach. We were getting a bit tired at this point given the strong winds, but with the help of Garry we all formed an echelon behind his vehicle and he gave is a tow for about 20kms, enough to recover a little bit before heading back to the busier roads.

We made it to the BP in Levin and said farewell to Paul, who is an exceptionally strong rider and sat in front a good part of the day, and he lives in Levin he had done his part to get home. It was after 7pm at this point so all our layers and lighting came out to get us home. At this point we knew it was going to be the most hazardous getting home. We took our time at the BP, I had a hot chocolate and filled up a bottle with coke - final sugar needed to get us home! Final push home was tough - roads were very busy and despite our visibility with our tail lights at times it was very unnerving. We took a little diversion to avoid one dangerous bridge by going under it, and did a cheer as we got to Otaki and familiar roads again 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Unfortunately Rob's and my front lights had started to diminish - so we positioned the group to make it safe for everyone for that last stretch. Made it to Peka Peka and turned onto the old State Highway which was a thrill and we all had enough energy to sprint home to Adrian and Glynis's where our car was parked, it's now 9:30pm 😳 Huge hugs and congratulations all around, packing up the car and loading the bikes up to head home for a cuddle with our four legged friends - unpacking can wait for the morning 😜

Of course the first thing we did was upload our Strava recording the whole ride, discovered we had been riding for 12 hours (which meant we had 4 hours in total for breaks), and my fastest speed was 73.1kms / hr 😜 Fun!!

All in all a fantastic achievement and a terrific bunch of people took share this experience with 👍

I found my donut !

Sunday 21st Mar
Needed the fuel that's for sure

We did it !! Here's the route and link to the map from yesterday's huge ride!

Sunday 21st Mar

Journey to National Park

Friday 19th Mar
The train ride up

The night before the big ride

Friday 19th Mar
Early start this morning and on the Paraparaumu rail platform to get the Northern Explorer train to the National Park, was a fabulous journey. Relaxing and scenic and such a different perspective to the drive! All of us feeling fairly relaxed - so far! Got to the Whakapapa Village around 2:30pm - unloading bikes and checking in. Garry our awesome support person arrived at the same time and we day down and relaxed for a time before an early dinner. Paul our 6th of the group joined us joined by the lovely Katie who then headed back on the road south.

8pm and an early night for all of us - alarm set for 4am 😳 

Saturday Kruzers Hills ride

Saturday 13th Mar
Quiet riding weekend with the tapering as we approach 7 sleeps until the big event (so only 85kms this morning) 😉

Was amazed how fresh the legs were feeling today as we set out from Queens Drive in Waikanae to head towards Peka Peka, Huia Street and just the two fingers of Reikorangi. Was decidedly cooler this morning and it reminded me to "harden up princess" it's not going to be any warmer at the top of a volcanic mountain next weekend. 

Have been blown away by all the support we have had with sponsorship - so again a profound thank you who have contributed to this terrific charity.

Another similar ride planned tomorrow morning with the Kapiti Cycling Club Sunday group and then will be planning getting all our gear to Garry for carrying in his support vehicle! It's nearly time 😃

Kruzers end of Mangaone Rd

Saturday 13th Mar
Stunning day after a cool start

Donut !!!!

Saturday 13th Mar
Haven't eaten one yet ... But on the ride this is all I can think of finding along the way - completely fixated ☺️🚴‍♀️

9 sleeps to go 😳

Thursday 11th Mar
Time is seriously ticking by now !! Pretty wet over night so did just an hour's solid effort on Zwift last night to keep some power in the legs and stay fresh.  Fitness is definitely improved and an hour felt effortless really - which is lucky as next Saturday will only be approx 16 hrs in the saddle ☺️

Thanks to those sponsors who have contributed to this fundraising effort. It appears we've come to the attention of Ronald McDonald House who are interested in what we're doing, may be some exposure there which could help with our team effort. Great stuff ! And thanks to our team spokesperson Adrian who has been fielding these calls 👍

On the train heading into the office and looking out over Kapiti Island - contemplating the weekend ahead! Won't be going hard 😉 

Stay safe all and 'til next time 👊

The best pie

Monday 8th Mar
It's always hard to know how good the food is when you need the calories, however this roast lamb pie at Gorge Cafe was scrumptious

Saturday's 200kms training ride

Monday 8th Mar
Long day in the saddle - alarm went off at 4am for a 5:30am start (after much needed coffee). 

Rob had mapped out an approximate 200kms ride and unbeknownst to all of us the whole team were out tackling a big ride at the same time. Must say it really is the best time of the day to ride, it was peaceful, with no traffic and the sights and smells are very different to during the daylight. Was lovely. We did head up one of our favourite local climbs (Mangatukutuku Rd) a sharp 2kms climb and enjoyed the views, before winding our way back down and joining up with the Kapiti Kruzers - our normal Saturday group, riding with them ending up for coffee and scone with 114kms in the bank 👍 The wind however had whipped up pretty rough at daybreak and the rain was heavy, so we were all looking pretty damp come coffee stop and the feet and shorts were very wet (learning #1 - need change of clothes and take shoes covers!)

That first 120kms was probably the toughest, but once over that it did seem easier. Our next stop for fuel was the Gorge Cafe in Otaki - and I had the best roast lamb pie, hot chocolate with 4 marshmallows (pinched Rob's). It was hard to get enough fuel in as the stomach filled pretty quickly, having only had a banana, and 2 energy balls before the first stop (lesson #2 - get more fueling ideas). Fortunately while we were inside Gorge Cafe the heavens opened and it was absolutely throwing it down - by the time we were done refueling fortunately it had stopped! With only 50kms left we knew the remainder was going to be pretty straightforward - which felt good however the fatigue had definitely taken hold, plus my eyeballs hurt! I had put that down to the 4am alarm - however there was a lot of rubbish flicking up from the ground particularly when we were following other wheels (lesson #3 wear my glasses more).

So all in all in was a positive experience and the team met for final planning and info sharing Sunday night - with only 2 weeks to go !!! 😳☺️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

Kapiti island

Monday 8th Mar
Long day in the saddle

Getting mentally ready

Friday 5th Mar
It's been so humbling to see the donations rolling in and I want to say to each and every one of you my sincerest thanks. 

Of course those of you who know me know I'm an ostrich of the highest order and constantly bury my head in the sand so I'm not confronted with the gravity or reality of a given situation - so with the start of the sponsorship commencing and the fact its now March, this was the wake up I need to focus on what's ahead!

Firstly I discovered in talking to my fellow co-cyclist, the lovely and gutsy Glynis, that she wants to be on the road at 4am -OMG 4am .... which my husband (who is too scared to try and wake me before 6am) tells me "that means we'll have to be up earlier" OMG ..... so the training goes beyond the cycling I'm discovering!! Have been consuming YouTube after YouTube of motivational Endurance activities to find out what's the trick - and I learn from each one is "you've got to be prepared to suffer" ! Ok - so how do you get ready for that I ask myself? Haven't the answer yet as the ostrich momentarily returns under ground ☺️

This weekend we have long rides in the saddle planned and short of hurricanes we'll be out on the road ! 'Til next time ka kite xx

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Jane Roderick

All the best for the ride Serena, will be cheering you on from Wellington. Such a wonderful cause to fundraise for and one very close to my heart ❤️


She N Ross

You are both awesome ☺️


Cheryl Kelly



To kickstart the fundraiser effort and put my commitment to it 👊


Kirsten Wadsworth


Anne Bedford


Gary Collins

You guys are amazing, what awesome commitment, good luck and keep safe ☺️


Steve Kerr

Good luck Serena and team!!


Dave & Tracey Hooper

Go Serena and Rob - awesome stuff!! Best wishes for the ride, Dave & Tracey xx


David Cunningham

I can vouch for how tough this will be. Love your work Serena!



You two are such an inspiration!!! 💖💖



Fantastic cause! Good luck.



Way to go Serena!


Jo Warren

Bit of a change from the usual circuit 😉 Go well - you are all legends!


Michelle Meads

Go you - you got this!


Debbie Priest

You go girl have fun


Leanne Tomlinson

Kia ora Serena, An amazing cause - kia kaha for your ride.


Grant Lyons

Go Serena!!!


Pauline Hall

Go hard Serena and Rob 🚴‍♀️



Well done to you both. Hope you enjoy


Grace Smit

Awesome Serena! Very proud of the commitment you are showing to this valuable cause.


John Lewis

Pump those legs Serena and Rob!


Comrade Comradeson

Good luck comrades


Karen Winton

Wishing you all the best xx



You are amazing!


Richard. Daubney


Nicola Friberg

Awesome cause Serena, wishing you and the team all the best.



You go girl!!


Carmen Howearth

Wonderful cause Serena! Keep safe on the roads. :)


Tahlia Martin


Linda & George Cheesman




Jesse Smith


Vaite Villouta



All the very best! You’ve got this ✅


Paul Berney

Good luck Serena - enjoy riding a long way home



You’ve got this!



Wishing you the wind at your back and a fu day out.


Rachael Mccleave

Go hard mate, wish I could join you!


Maia Tieng