RMHC is awesome give them your money

By Rodger Nelson

I'm fundraising for Ronald McDonald House!

My birthday is coming up but I don’t want any presents instead I want to thank RMHC for everything they did for me and my family this year. 

Kim and I spent a month in Wellington RMHC at the start of the year while Nate was in Wellington neonatal intensive care. RMHC took us in feed us and made us feel welcome during the hardest days of my life. 

Please help me thank them and donate whatever you can. 

Thank you to my Sponsors




Blake And Nicole

Happy birthday old boy. Catch up for a beer after all this covid sh*t 👍


Holly Nelson




Awhina Nelson

Happy Birthday Dodge, Soo glad that Nate is alright and he is soo cute. RMH is amazing, but hopefully, we never have to be back there.




Kate Lowe

Happy birthday Rodge love you lots xx your bestest friend Katie Pie


Jemma Seeger


Teresa Nelson

🧡🧡 Think this is the most I’ve ever spent on your birthday present haha. Love you and Kim and special baby Nate


Lyrique And Emma

Emma insisted I put her name on too. Love ya guys


Madeleine Tait-jones



It's not much but every cent helps right? 🙂