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I've created this page because I want to make a difference.

Every year, thousands of families from around New Zealand will turn to a Ronald McDonald House for free accommodation and support during their child’s medical treatment.

I want to make a difference for these families by taking part in the House to House challenge!

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button.

The more people that know about RMHC® New Zealand, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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300km Ride Done.

Saturday 20th Mar

On the train and a dodgy tyre

Friday 19th Mar
Today’s task was to arrive at our starting point on the mountain, and prepare for the early start tomorrow morning. 
The northern explorer train, if you have never used it, is an awesome way to travel. Very friendly staff, decent food and very comfy seating. 
The countryside wizzed past as we chatted and ate the kind of food we have been ignoring for the last 16 months. Pies, cakes, lollies all gleefully consumed as we fuelled for the effort to come. 
National park, our destination the sky a deep blue and the air has an autumnal chill but it feels great to be here at last. 
Time to reset the handle bars and replace our pedals all done with no dramas. Check the tyres and I have a major issue with my back tyre, it’s delaminated and is now unsafe to ride. 
Fortunately, we had packed spare tyres on our support vehicle, although no one had expected to use one this early.  While the fix is an easy one, it does mean we only have one good tyre left, although we do have plenty of inner tubes. Fingers crossed, there will be no further mechanicals. 
20:28 and time to sleep, alarm set for 4am. Bring on the ride. 

6 Days and counting

Saturday 13th Mar

13 March 2021

5.30am woken by barking from our dog Jerry, who decided he needed to go chase rabbits. First coffee of the day, and preparation for the ride to come. It’s autumn now and the mornings are chilly 5degrees deciding on the kit to wear is key, it’s merino this morning and long sleeves. 

7.30am on the road and temperature is brisk, brrrr, but the weather is going to be lovely blue skies, and hardly a breath of wind. In Wellington if there is no wind, you ride, doesn’t matter if your legs have come off, you still ride because a windless day in Wellington is a rare as rocking horse poo.  It’s a hill ride with Kapiti kruzers today, the distance will be around 80km and a few intervals as we ride along undulating the country roads. 

8.15am leading out the medium fast group this morning (27-31kph), reminder to myself don’t sit on the front all ride. Legs are feeling great after last weeks 200km jaunt and the two mid week virtual training sessions. In two minds what to do today, take it easy, or have fun 🤔

For a rider my size (north of 100kg), hills are not easy but maintaining momentum from descending and carrying that speed into the uphills makes a difference. Decision made, it is a have fun ride this morning. 

Mike, from Nelson is in town so we have a tandem in our group (Mike and Ernst), great guys and quick. 

There are a few roads on the ride where we are chasing each other up and down, sometimes I win and sometimes they do, regardless it is great riding and huge fun. It isn’t a surprise to see PBs on those rides. 

Serena, is in great form and she is at the front driving the group along the first hill road, the group is fracturing such is her pace. I jump on her wheel, and we crest the first climb side by side (I’m already 10secs up on my PB for the segment), still feeling fine, I overtake and push on, 15secs, 20secs up on my PB. We cross the line only a second apart and wait for our group to come back together. 

10.30 hills done and the classic race for coffee. The tandem boys are hitting their straps with some big pulls, a few of us are still on their rear wheel and the fast group are overtaken by us. The finish line is coming up fast, with the tandem 1st, Guy 2nd and me 3rd.

Was this the best prep for the 300km ride next weekend? Who cares that was bloody great fun. 

Virtually it’s a ride

Tuesday 9th Mar
What to do when you have been on the bike for 8hrs and 200km?
I know climb a hill that isn’t there 👍
Here is my ride up a hill, fuelled by @GCN flapjacks. 

06/03/2021 - 200KM training ride

Friday 5th Mar
4am - Blimey, who knew that time existed. Bleary eyed, its coffee and back to bed, while I try to comprehend the challenge of the day ahead.
Its only a training ride - so far, so good
Its on roads you know - yep, keep them coming
You'll be able to eat a pie - ok getting interested
Its going to be windy - losing me a little, I've ridden in wind but couldn't it be calm just for once?
Its only 200km - What?
Its going to rain - Sob
05:30 - Yes, it did 1.5 hrs to get out of bed and ready to ride, but it was worth it - such a beautiful starry sky - already a gift.
Off to QEII park, no traffic only rabbits and those moths - setting a nice steady pace no dramas.
07:30 - The days big climb (including our little homage to Strada Bianchi) done already, and now back to Waikanae to catch-up with the Kruzers, for the group ride.
11:00 - 114KM in and our first coffee stop - a large americano, cream and a date scone - oh and lots of rain
11:45 - Suitably refueled, its off to Otaki, via Te Horo and the next fuel stop at 150KM. Hot chocolate and a mushroom and lentil pie delicious. Outside it is absolutely bucketing down and I'm slowly eating my food, praying the shower will be gone before I finish.
Joy, the rain has stopped and there is blue sky - ok not overhead as it has started to rain again, but in the distance.
The final 50KM, I'm in territory never previously explored by me. It is already an achievement for me to get here.
100 Miles - another milestone and I'm still feeling good. Not thinking about the 200KM now, just focusing on the now. One final time over the new Te Horo bridge, and back towards home.   

Night ride adventure

Friday 5th Mar
With a planned 4am start for our decent off the mountain, it makes sense to get some night riding in, to hone our skills and test out our kit.
Head lights and tail lights all charged and attached to the bikes, and at 8.45pm 3rd March, of we (my wife and I) peddle into the Te Horo darkness.
The first issue - moths, not just any moths but moths the size of planes hitting our faces and bodies, and the faster we go the harder they hit.
Next issue, my wife tells me I'm invisible, "that's kind of you to say dear, I mean I know I've lost weight, but really that much? Wow!". My long suffering wife responds, "no you idiot, there are no reflective parts on your cycling clothes!". Note to self, choose different gear and get some night clothing.
As the ride progresses, we discover night riding is whole new world, quiet roads, and the air is full of unfamiliar sounds and smells - fab!
30Km done and our night ride completed, all home safe and sound.
New cycle shirt ordered for me with reflective components and extra rear lights to attach to our cycle helmets.
All in all, a successful test :-)

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Goodluck Rob, You got this!




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Well done Rob, hope it goes well.


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Good luck Rob :)


Serena Scotcher

Awesome achievement for your fundraising and only 1 sleep to go !


Rob Scotcher


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Good luck Rob! Such a worthy cause, bringing reassurance to families and keeping them together when they most need each other. Love Sarah x


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All the best!


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Good luck Rob. Cannot believe you are cycling so far in one day. We’ll be following your progress. Big Rob


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All the very best Rob! and for such a great cause.


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Great cause Rob. Have fun in the journey.



All the best with the big ride!! A great initiative to support a Charity too!!


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I can vouch for how tough this will be. Love your work Rob!


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Awesome effort, have fun


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Good job old man!!! Fancy wearing lycra at your age!!


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