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I've created this page to support Kate to help honour Leon and his efforts with RMH

Our Mr Leon Taylor the Basketball Yeti collaborated with Ronald McDonald House New Zealand as their resident artist and Gordon Harris to create art pieces to bring some splashes of colour and positivity to the walls and rooms at the Auckland house location.

Sadly, Leon was not able to fulfill his residency and promise to RMHC so, it only seems right that we, his family, friends and fans lace up our shoes and get steppin' to raise money and awareness for RMHC this March 2021, in his honour.

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Views have been worth it

Sunday 21st Mar
10 days and 50kms to go. I'm ahead of the daily average and the feet are feeling it but I've loved all the different sights I've seen and challenging myself. Last push!

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You got this! So proud of you and I appreciate you so much ❤


Alison Maelzer

Go you! Hope your poor feets heal soon xx


Erin Marsh

You're amazing and I wish there were more people like you in the world <3



You can do eeet.


Rochelle Hohipuha

You're amazing!!


Chellez Colman

All the best you got this


Stacey E

Good luck!


Lisa Durney


Di Ingelse


D Bailey


Lisa Godwin

Congrats Rachelle, awesome work!





Very inspiration. You go girl.



I love you! You can avoca-do this!!