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On your marks, get Yeti, GO! Fundraising on behalf of Mr Leon Taylor / Basketball Yeti

Our Mr Leon Taylor the Basketball Yeti collaborated with Ronald McDonald House New Zealand and Gordon Harris to create art pieces to bring some splashes of colour and positivity to the walls and rooms at the Auckland house.

Sadly, Leon was not able to fulfill his residency and promise to RMHC so, it only seems right that I lace up my shoes and get steppin' to raise money and awareness for RMHC this March 2021.

If you're so inclined and would like to sponsor me by donating, please hit up the link and cheer me on this month!

PS: Please also remember to support another worthy children's health charity that's deserving of your support - The Wonder Boy Trust, check out the Givealittle Donation link on my Instagram Bio.


A note from RMHC NZ
Every year, thousands of families from around New Zealand will turn to a Ronald McDonald House for free accommodation and support during their child’s medical treatment.

I want to make a difference for these families by taking part in the House to House challenge!

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button.

The more people that know about RMHC® New Zealand, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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Saturday 6th Mar
Day 6
4,708 Steps

Ooh OK I'm liking this Dougie Howser type thing I've got going on here. You know Dougie Howser? Well I'm typing out my little RMHC House to House update for today and it reminds me of that nerdy kid doctor tapping away at the keys with that very comical by today's standards monitor he was rocking.  No wonder Dougie needed glasses sometimes.

Annyway, I digress. Today I looked at the storm clouds and thought nah, I've walked every day and I "walked extra" yesterday so it's all good if I don't walk today. Then I turned my attention to the night ahead, getting some snacks and some washing detergent (cause even superheroes have to wash their undies ya know?); and settling in for the night.

Right, time to get in the car and...nah wait a second, what? I'm not going to go for a walk so I can get in the car to go to the supermarket and then go home to sit on the couch. I know I'm not great at relaxing but even this seemed like false economy, climate privilege, lots of stuff like that, But most importantly I thought about all of the families that have needed RMHC in the past and that will need it in the future.

So then I got my list, my umbrella ella-ella aye aye and got them steps in, felt like a good human and still got the supermarket stuff I needed. Nice.  

Happy Last Night of Level 3 Auckland (this time) - it's been a rough one at times but we'll all be better for it. Also just because it always needs to be said - Wash your Hands, Mask Up, Use the App and Turn Bluetooth on. Fanx.


Saturday 6th Mar
Day 5
9,881 Steps

Ooh look at that aye, I got a bit Friday night on it after a very satisfying walk "around" the lake, talking to some Black Swans on the lake. Had some fun taking some cool arty pic and making some horror homage social media stories. This is the kinda thing that Leon was always up too so it's nice to connect with him by doing things he enjoyed.

Alright, just a quick note catch up note for this that I'm writing on 06.03.2021


Thursday 4th Mar
Day 4

8,126 Steps

Today the Level 3 Lockdown boredom and isolation definitely kicked in a bit, I'm resilient and it's not too big a deal, I have a very nice situation to isolate in and I do like my own company but loneliness due to grief can be a factor. 

This is why the walk is so vital for me in terms of having something to look forward to at the end of the day and to take me into night which can be tough and also expelling energy that's coiled up inside me from my brain running a mile a minute. Part of this is also finding interesting images to pair with these little updates, like a photo safari. Tonight's image I'm going for like a Ridley Scott / Blade Runner thing, this was the reflection in a shop window that had a red sign in it. 

Thank you again so much for all of your donations to TEAM YETI's cause to date. Can't believe we're only on the 4th day of this month long challenge and we've already cracked $1K, I'm so proud of our efforts and am so grateful you're all helping me to stitch up this unfinished business for him. 


Wednesday 3rd Mar
Day 3
7,161 Steps

Snapped this neon Purple Heart out on the walk. I didn’t want to do it tonight. On the couch at 7:30pm thinking naaah. CBF. Then I remembered why I’m doing this. Who I’m doing this for. About the families at Ronald McDonald Houses around the world that would love the “sit on the couch” option if they could.
I thought about those of you who’ve joined TEAM YETI to “walk with me” or donated to an incredibly worthy children’s health charity, when it’s an uncertain time in the world, we’re doing a great thing for people that didn’t ask for the situation they’re in. Thank you. Deeply, genuinely, authentically, thank you from the depths of my big purple heart for helping me to lay this part of Yeti’s legacy to rest.


Tuesday 2nd Mar
Day 2

7, 925 Steps

Waited the rain out in the early evening and then got to steppin'. Absolutely delighted by having our first TEAM YETI member join us, Kirsty S over in Sydney - thank you!
Thank you also to anyone who has already donated, it means so much to me and it and your effort are appreciated!

Today was actually a really hard day for the mental health recovery for me, (Grief, PTSD, Depression and Anxiety), I didn't want to get out of bed. But I did. Meditation. Journaling - Clean the Soul. Clean the House. Clean the Body. Ate Breakfast. Drank Water.

This challenge is more than just doing a couple of walks in order to raise funds for a charity that meant a lot to Leon. This is a challenge to further strengthen and fortify my home - myself.


Monday 1st Mar
Day 1
6,505 steps

Lesshgooo! Kicking off into RMHC House to House 2021 walking and raising funds to honour and in the name of
Mr Leon Taylor / our Basketball Yeti; as he can't be here to join us or to complete his residency as an artist for RMHC. Also Day 1 of Level 3 Lockdown March 2021 and Day 1 of my Birthday Month; where I'll be turning 40 at the end of it.

Leon became involved with RMHC in around 2016 when he did some live painting demonstrations and their Annual Appeal Week Pajama Party Breakfast that year. Leon was so moved by the work done for families and children living with complicated health situations; that he decided to collaborate with RMHC and became their resident artist until his death in May, 2020.

House to House is the perfect way to support a charity that meant a great deal to Leon and to also do good for yourself, health and fitness and countless families that require the assistance of RMHC every year.

So join me - either by donating, cheering me on this month or by jumping on board and joining TEAM YETI to get your steps in and help fundraise to our TEAM YETI target of $1,000.00 and 210kms.

All aboard Team Yeti! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kelly Nardella

You are a superstar and I am proud to support you! 🌟🌟🌟


Rowan Clift

On ya Kate great idea. Hope you are doing well


Matt L Haworth

Lots of love Kate, you are doing amazing and making our Yeti proud 💙


Deb & Steve



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👋 from Martine & Mark Goodacre Love the charity, thanks! Xx


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Ashley Anderson

Much love, Temp and Ash ♥


Kate Taylor


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Good luck Kate!