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My target 210 kms

Real estate companies across the Manawatu are challenging each other to raise money for a great cause - RMHC New Zealand.

RMHC New Zealand supports families with a child in hospital away from home by taking care of the practical things in life - like providing a place to sleep near the hospital, organising meals and paying for parking - so families can focus on the health of their child.

Last year 396 families from Manawatu and Whanganui stayed at a Ronald McDonald House® for a total of 3950 nights at a cost of more than $670,000.

We challenge you to get behind House to House and help us show our support for our local families!

My Updates

Day 24 - Managed to remember fit bit 8km

Friday 26th Mar
Been a busy week however a couple of times ive lost steps as have forgot my trusty fit bit.  On the home straight now and 5 kg lighter!  nearly at the end so close....

Day 18 Lots of paper work day 6 Km

Friday 19th Mar
Bit slow off the mark today.  A lot of desk time and a lot of work accomplished however not so many steps!  In for a big weekend so will make them up.  Todays photo is of my little motivators 

Day 17 - 8.2 km

Friday 19th Mar
Out and about today getting some fresh air.  The week is flying by and have a lot of work coming up.  Great to get out for a walk after work, great for ones mental health... more than half way through! 

Day 16 - Meetings and Rain today 8.1 Km

Wednesday 17th Mar
Had a few appointments today which is great to get out of the office for some fresh air and steps!  The pic is my girl who is always up for a walk and constantly motivating me to do more! 

Day 15 - Monday-itis kicking in 7.9 Km

Wednesday 17th Mar
Big day at work today meaning lots of desk time.  This calls for a late night walk to smash out the kms for the day.  Feeling like the hulk!

Day 14 - Gardening and Sports 8.2 km

Wednesday 17th Mar
A few steps walked today not so many in the gardening but mostly walking across the paddock to watch Rugby League with this little guy. The weekend has just flown by!  Back to work tomorrow

Day 13 - Off to cut up some firewood 7.7 Km

Wednesday 17th Mar
Today we all went to get some firewood in preparation for Winter. Was hoping for more steps but was mainly just throwing wood around so good for the arms

Day 12 - Yay for Friday 7.8Km

Wednesday 17th Mar
Yay its Friday!  feeling great today and look forward to a big weekend.  Pic today is my little man and I, my little motivation that asks constantly how my steps are going and always up for a walk

Day 11 - Playing catchup at end of day 7.7km

Friday 12th Mar
last few days have proved tough with a combination of paperwork days and parent teacher interviews... however happy i am still smashing out my goal of 7km per day.  This does involve some late night walking but all for an amazing charity! 

Day 10 - Feeling the burn 7.7km

Friday 12th Mar
Still going hard.  Had a couple of paperwork days meaning either a walk in the morning or catching up at night.  still making the target of 7km per day!  

Day 9 - The guy that makes me get up in the morning 7km

Wednesday 10th Mar
Struggling a little bit to get up in the morning... the struggle made a little easier when you think about the families you are doing this for.... oh and the little voice in your ear saying get up! 

day 8 - 8.9km

Tuesday 9th Mar
Woke up feeling pumped today all ready for some morning exercise! It does help that Dad has come to visit for a few days while he's resting his foot. Have put on a couple of tops in the last couple of days that aren't as "fitted" shall we say... ha ha added bonus of supporting Ronald Mcdonald House 

Day 7 - But it's Sunday! 7.7km

Tuesday 9th Mar
Its Sunday and I am looking forward to a sleep in after catching up with some friends last night.  Turns out lazing on the couch doesn't help with doing 7km!  Off to the supermarket then onto the treadmill followed by some crazy dance moves and we've made the target. The picture represents what I wanted to do today.

Day 6 - Out with my girl 9km

Tuesday 9th Mar
Got up early and being Saturday decided it might be nice to take in some Manawatu air and sights and head down to the walking track behind the esplanade.  Got a decent walk in and back home just before the Thunder storms started! 

Day 5 - Yay for Friday 8.1 KM

Tuesday 9th Mar
Nearly a week down and feeling really good.  Still struggle to get up in the morning but keep remembering it is all for an amazing cause!  

Day 4 - Let's get up early 9.0km

Friday 5th Mar
Had a great day yesterday so aimed to get up as early as I could given it was a paperwork day today (not alot of exercise).  Figured out when I got home that more effort was needed in the morning as finished on the treadmill before dinner.  Thankfully I had a little buddy to support 

Day 3 - Wake up and get on the Treadmill - 9.8km

Thursday 4th Mar
Get up Jodi!  I hear a voice as I decide to roll over and ignore it.  Get up Jodi remember the cause! Get your steps up!  This is the voice of my much wiser husband that continues to make noise!  Then I remember walking around and around the drive the night before thinking "for the kids, for the kids" whilst sweating profusely.  Let's not do that again so up we get and on the treadmill!  Best day yet 9.8km woop woop! bring it on   

Day 2 - Get on the treadmill first thing! - 8.2Km today

Thursday 4th Mar
Here we are at day 2.  I have learnt that it is best to get on the treadmill and get in some steps before work.  This is to avoid walking around and around your driveway at 9pm in the dark trying to make up the remaining steps for the day

Day 1 - Introduction to "exercise" for a great cause 7.7km today

Thursday 4th Mar
Wow so here we are at day one.  Those that know me know that "walking" would be my least favorite 'W" word! Coming into this challenge of 210km per month was something I didn't have to even think twice about.  What the Children and families have to go through during their stay makes Ronald McDonald House invaluable! This ones for all you guys out there let's get raising money and awareness!     

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Great job Bub keep it up! Dad


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Auntie 'dette thinks your amazing 🤩



I want to support this charity.. And, you are all kicking goals... The margin is tight between some of you! I just wanted to spread the love!


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So proud of you Jodi, you are a bloody legend!! ❤



Jodi you are amazing!


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You are truly amazing and inspiring. Big loves!


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