Jamie Annandale

I want to support families all around Aotearoa New Zealand

Since late 2021, I have had the privilege of working at RMHC® New Zealand. I get to witness firsthand the amazing service that is provided and how grateful the families are to have one less thing to worry about.

I have had my own hospital journey in the past. In 2016, I was diagnosed with a pineal germinoma, a type of brain tumour. Lucky for me, I lived close enough to the hospital, and had friends and family who helped drive me to appointments when I couldn't drive myself. 

Unfortunately, other families don't have this sort of ease of access. Every month, New Zealand families travel an average of 210km to take their child for hospital treatments away from home. 

Now I am lucky enough to be fit and healthy again, I want to find ways to support an amazing charity that takes the stress off families and lets them focus on the important things, like being together as a family to support a sick child. This challenge is a great opportunity to do so.

Please give whatever you can to support an incredible charity that I feel so privileged to be a part of.

Tēnā koutou, thank you.

I have done 0km