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We as staff and volunteers at the Auckland Domain Ronald McDonald House are on a mission to support families staying in the House even more!

Every day we have families walk through the doors at the Auckland Domain Ronald McDonald House and it is our job to support these families during their stay in the House. 

Be it a friendly face when they have been on the wards all day, helping them with anything they need, keeping the House clean and tidy. Anything we can do to ease some of the burdens they are facing so they can remain focused on their child receiving specialist medical treatment we will do it. 

We want to take our support of the families staying in a Ronald McDonald House even further - by walking the same distance they travel each month to get to the House, and raising money while we do it. 

So we will be walking 1,000km in the month of March and hoping to raise $1,000! 

We need your help! 

Please help us help families staying in a Ronald McDonald House by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button.

The more people that know about RMHC® New Zealand, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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My Updates

Geraldine's final steps!

Thursday 1st Apr
Last night Geraldine was determind to get her steps up on the last day. So as well as all the steps she did on her shift she walked around the House a few times and did a few laps outside the House - she ended up covering 8.4KM! 

Last day for Diane!

Thursday 1st Apr
Diane finished the last day of House to House with a bang - 15,380 steps! Her dog Tully was very lucky with two long walks on the beach :)

Nikki and Geraldine starting their Sunday walk in style

Tuesday 30th Mar
The most perfect way to start a Sunday walk - with an ice cream :)

Diane's steps from last week

Tuesday 30th Mar
Wednesday was a busy day for Diane - she helped Victoria with the morning towel run and took a few new volunteers through the House for a Tour. 

She covered over 4KM!

Nikki and Geraldine - team walk on Sunday

Tuesday 30th Mar
Nikki and Geraldine knocked off the last of their KM this weekend when they went for a walk together up One Tree Hill!

Last Saturday - steps from Diane

Tuesday 30th Mar
On Saturday Diane covered the largest distance yet this month - over 16,000 steps when she did a hike with friends out at Piha.

With the added bonus of a swim at the end! 

Diane's steps over the weekend

Monday 22nd Mar
Busy weekend for Diane - she covered nearly 10KM each day! 

She recruited two friends to go on a walk with her around the coast of Milford and Takapuna beach - look at the amazing sunset over Rangitoto. 

And Sunday she took her dog Tilly on all her errands, which she walked instead of driving to - go Diane!

St Patricks Day steps!

Thursday 18th Mar
Big day for Diane - over 11,100 steps covered. Instead of driving, she walked to all her afternoon/evening errands :)

She even got to watch all the boats come back in from the big America's Cup win! 

KM covered by Andrea, our House Manager

Tuesday 16th Mar
Massive effort from Andrea over the past week - she covered 53.7KM!

Thursday - Sunday KM covered

Monday 15th Mar
A massive effort from Geraldine over the past few days - she has done over 50,000 steps = 27.6KM!

Sunday steps

Monday 15th Mar
Diane had a really busy day today - walk around the golf course and the local markets. Then an evening dog walk to watch the America's Cup sailing. What a shame the wind didn't pick up enough for it to happen :( 

Diane's KM's on Saturday

Monday 15th Mar
Busy day for Diane - she went for a long walk around the golf course and even managed to fit in a 1KM swim!

Nestor and Tim's KM over the past week

Monday 15th Mar
Massive effort by our Maintenance Volunteer Nestor and his partner Tim - covering 141KM! 

Nikki over the weekend

Monday 15th Mar
Nikki covered 21KM this weekend when she went on three runs. 

How beautiful was her view on Sunday!

Geraldine's steps from earlier this week

Thursday 11th Mar
On Tuesday and Wednesday Geraldine did over 10,000 steps each day. She has covered over 13KM!

On her walk this morning she said she was going so fast that the slow down light was flashing :)

5.2km from Nikki on day ten!

Thursday 11th Mar
Go Nikki! 

Day ten - Diane

Thursday 11th Mar
Busy day for Diane today - she took her dog for a walk and did two laps of her local golf course. Her first day of reaching over 10,000 steps!

Go Diane!

105KM from Andrea - our House Manager

Thursday 11th Mar
Andrea has been tracking her KM for the past ten days and has covered over 100KM! 

Diane's steps on day nine!

Wednesday 10th Mar
Diane had a busy day at the House inducting new volunteers and she had her weekly Line Dancing class after work - she even had the right boots on!

Thanks Diane for contributing nearly 7.865 steps today! 

Day Nine

Wednesday 10th Mar
Nikki covered four KM today on her Housekeeping shift at the House!

Volunteer KM over the weekend

Monday 8th Mar
Our superstar volunteer Jojo covered 4.5KM on her Housekeeping shift! How awesome is that!

Geraldine's KM over the past three days

Monday 8th Mar
It has been a busy few days for Geraldine - she has covered 21.6KM which is nearly 32,000 steps! 

A HUGE first week from our volunteer Nestor!

Monday 8th Mar
Our amazing volunteer Nestor and his partner, Tim, have been tracking all their walks this week and collectively covered 129KM for House to House! 

Special thanks to Nestor and Tim for going above and beyond for families needing to stay in a Ronald McDonald House! 

Day 7 KM traveled!

Monday 8th Mar
Diane decided to mix it up again today - she went for a walk with her dog Tilly, look at the views! 

Day six - Diane

Monday 8th Mar
Diane couldn't do her daily walk around the golf course today - their were too many golfers out! So she had to settle for a walk around her neighbourhood. 

Day 7!

Monday 8th Mar
Nikki went for a huge run on the weekend around Central Auckland - over 9KM! 

She was even spotted by our volunteer Michele who took this awesome action shot! 

Day six activities!

Monday 8th Mar
Nikki went for a 6KM run over the weekend around Mt Albert - she even did some trail running!

Nikki's run on day five

Friday 5th Mar
Today Nikki went for a 7.5km run - from Mt Albert, down to Westmere and back. 

So good to be out in the sunshine after such a rainy week! 

Day five update

Friday 5th Mar
Diane took her dog Tilly for a walk this morning and did just under 2,000 steps! She tried to add Tilly's steps too, but our four legged friends steps don't count for House to House - maybe next year :) 

Geraldine's steps from earlier this week.

Friday 5th Mar
Geraldine and her daughter went for a walk on Wednesday and covered 6.6km - but they got caught in the rain! Go Geraldine for braving the thunderstorms we had earlier this week to get her KM in to support the families staying in the House! 

Day four - reception volunteer

Friday 5th Mar
During Jackie's shift on reception today she covered 2.8KM! 

Day four - Maintenance volunteer

Friday 5th Mar
On his Maintenance shift today Nestor covered another 3.65km! 

Nikki's KM from day four

Friday 5th Mar
One of awesome Housekeepers, Nikki, covered 4.1km today :)

Day four!

Thursday 4th Mar
Diane took to the Golf Course again today in between the rain showers - she said she only got told off by one golfer :) 

Our volunteer Shannon did another 2KM on day four!

Thursday 4th Mar
Go Shannon helping to get our KM count up. 

Another 3Km from Nikki on day 3!

Thursday 4th Mar
Go Nikki :)

Another 10,000 steps on our third day

Wednesday 3rd Mar
It's been a busy day for Geraldine - she knocked off another +10,000 steps off our total! 

Day three - Housekeeping volunteer

Wednesday 3rd Mar
Our awesome volunteer Shannon clocked up 2.67KM on her Housekeeping volunteer shift today! 

Day two KM from Nikki

Wednesday 3rd Mar
Our super star Housekeeping team were putting in the KM today - Nikki covered 3.5km! 

Another day two entry

Wednesday 3rd Mar
Between the rainshowers yesterday Diane, our Auckland Volunteer Manager, added 5KM to our tally when she did two laps around her local golf course! 

Day Two!

Wednesday 3rd Mar
Nestor, one of our super star volunteers in our Maintenance team, wore a pedometer on his shift in the House and he covered 4.2km in one shift!

Another entry from the first day

Tuesday 2nd Mar
Diane, our Auckland Volunteer Manager, went for a 2KM walk around her local Golf Course after working from home for the day. 

Definitely good to get some fresh air and get the KM count up after a hectic day of organising volunteers to work in the House under the new Level 3 lockdown.

Also on our first day!

Tuesday 2nd Mar
Geraldine from our Family Support team did over 10,000 steps = 6km! 

Our first day!

Tuesday 2nd Mar
Yesterday Nikki from our Housekeeping team knocked 3KM off our target on our first day! What a great start :)

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