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Holly 2 House 2021

(I think I'm hilarious with my page title.) 

I'm signing up to do House to House 2021 because I see every single day just how critical it is for families with a child in hospital to have access to a Ronald McDonald House. 

Part of my job is speaking one on one with families about their journeys and what they would have been like if Ronald McDonald House hadn't existed. They all say the same thing: that without Ronald McDonald House, they may not have coped. 

It isn't just a roof over their heads. It's a warm meal and a kind-ear after a day on the ward. It's being able to have your family by your side through the toughest of days. 

I'm pledging to walk (because I'm definitely not a runner!) 210km over the month of March because that's just how far these families have to travel for their child's life-saving treatment. 

Please consider supporting me today and give a family the relief of a 'home-away-from-home' while their child is in hospital. 

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