It’s been the most eventful 15 months for the Arky!


We supported RMHC through house to house with interest in supporting Arky and his family in their multiple stays in 2019 and 2020.


After Arky and his Mum embarked on his biggest journey to the UK for a rare transplant surgery in mid 2020 in the centre of the COVID 19 pandemic he has now returned prior to Christmas to be reunited with his Dad and Sister.  Unfortunately the journey isn’t over..... so far they have been housed within Ronald McDonald Domain House since Arky’s return to fine tune some further medical treatment.


This year again we want to fist bump this family forwards to the next steps towards home and help the RMHC along the way to show support to ensure they can continue doing what they do supporting families in a home away from home!! #KeepingFamiliesClose #doinitforArky

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