What is House to House?

RMHC New Zealand is challenging people to run, walk, cycle or swim at least 210km during the month of March. In a month, participants clock up the average distance families travel to get to an RMHC New Zealand House every month, while raising much needed funds.

How does House to House work?

House to House is a virtual fundraising event which challenges you to support families staying with RMHC New Zealand in March. Clock up the number of km they travel to a Ronald McDonald House, and raise money as you go. You can sign up as an individual or a team and create your own fundraising page. We’re asking you to aim to complete at least 210km and fundraise as much as you can over the course of the month to help us support families with a hospitalised child.

From the 1st – 31st March, every km you cover will count towards your target. To keep track of your km, use a FitBit, or download the free Strava app, and your distance moved will be automatically updated on your fundraising page. Alternatively, you can log your distances manually and enter this onto your page.

Who can enter?

Everyone! There are no restrictions on who can enter and you can enter as an individual or as a team.

How do I enter?

It is super easy - please click here. Register on the House to House website (www.housetohouse.org.nz). You can choose to enter as an individual or a team, and once you have registered you will be guided through setting up your own fundraising page. This page will become the hub of all your House to House activity – all your fundraising and the kms you cover will be logged here.

I prefer biking/swimming/rowing –  can I do that instead of walking or running?

Absolutely! Scooters, row machines, treadmills, stationary bikes, team sports, lengths of a pool – everything but driving a motorised vehicle counts! Just remember to log the distance you cover.

Can wheelchair users participate?

Of course! House to House is an inclusive event. Just log the distances you cover each day!

How much distance do I need to cover each day?

The goal of at least 210km equals less than 10,000 steps a day. Some people like to cover more distance on their weekends so it takes the pressure off on busy week days.

You can also sign up to travel 210km as a team if you want to make the distance more manageable.

210km is a bit far/not far enough for me, can I change the goal?

You can adjust the goal to whatever you believe is realistic – but remember that House to House is meant to be a challenge, so don’t make it too easy! If you’re an avid cyclist, 210km may be too low for a month, so you can change this to be as high as you like.

Can I help without participating in House to House?

If you would like to help RMHC New Zealand reach our $350,000 target but don’t want to participate in House to House, you can donate to one of the participants. Head to the donation page to search for people you know, or make a donation to a stranger and make their day!

Can we do House to House as a team?

Yes! There are individual and team registration options. As a team, choose your target distance & fundraising goal based on what you think you will collectively be able to achieve during the month.

Can my workplace take part?

Getting your workplace involved is a great way to stay motivated during the month – you can challenge and encourage each other to get those km in during the workday! Sign up as a team, and adjust your goal to reflect the number of people in your team.

Can we get our school involved?

Yes! If your school or class would like to be involved, please contact Penny (penny.mcewan@rmhc.org.nz) who has some great ideas to help make it even more interactive for schools.

Who can I contact for more information and fundraising support?

If you have any questions or need support, please contact Tania on 09 365 8343 or tania.sam@rmhc.org.nz. She would love to chat about any questions you may have.

How can I use my indoor workouts to complete the challenge?

If you prefer indoor workouts to outdoor activity, you can convert the calories burnt during your workouts to km and add it to your activity log manually.  Most people burn about 400 calories by walking 10,000 steps. So, you can attribute 400 calories to 10,000 steps, that's about 8km. Please note that this is not an accurate measurement criterion but an approximation devised for this challenge. 

How can I extend the fitness target of my team?

Go to your team's page, click Team Settings page. In there you will find the option to change your fitness target. Click save changes after you finish.